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The Jellibelly Bauchpinselmaschine (bauchpinseln =belly stroking = ego stroking in German) is used for ego-stroking. Belly-stroking creates a sense of well-being and enhances a user´s self-esteem and confidence. The Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine is a device which optimises business development, self-confidence and esteem, aids in developing excellent customer service, while maintaining and supporting a highly constructive working atmosphere within your team.

Traditionally, belly-stroking has always involved cumbersome attention to interpersonal details and legwork. Now, for the first time, the newly developed Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine allows for the flexibility of an individualistic opinion independent of all power structures while guaranteeing continuous high quality mechanical ego stroking where necessary and appropriate. The Jellybelly Belly-Sroking Machine provides the opportunity to maintain and develop new and improved ego-stroking standards. Use the Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine for your advertisement and promotional needs, or use it as an incentive device for yourself and within your team.