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GravenhorstDole Office, Rheine Muenster, Lake Aa Local Government
  farmer's market Communal Bank Muenster Station
Technique Berlin art fair 

A team of three belly stroking service-people apply the device to

a) persons in positions of power or at high income levels in order to acquire commissions, jobs, or cash;

b) persons in precarious job situations or on the dole, whose self- esteem and confidence may have suffered due to their working conditions and economic disadvantages.

The Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine is the mechanized answer to current problems resulting from globalisation and precarious working conditions. We suggest implementing the Jellibelly Belly Stroking Machine in order to successfully acquire highly paid commissions, and/or to alleviate depression caused by a stressful working environment, financial problems, and the compulsion to be permanently